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Maybe I'm born with it, maybe it's me.

...this is wikidiculous.

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Why have I not updated this in 3 ages? BECAUSE I AM A LAZY COLLEGE STUDENT.

So there you go, first thing to know about me. Lazy college student. Except when it comes to Photoshop and my fandoms.

...and occasionally sewing. But mostly fandoms.

Like Firefly, Supernatural, LOST, Supernatural, and Harry Potter (AKA. SUPERNATURAL)

I bounce around NC a lot, Cary for home and Greensboro for school.

I'm a cosplayer. Occasionally lolita. And I plan to be a fashion designer haha uhhh...librarian. I think. I'll get back to you on that. But I'll probably end up owning a yarn shop. With giant posters of Jensen Ackles. GIANT.

I write occasionally. I post in very short bursts. I have extremely random music tastes. I do like frills. And I do knit.

Concerts are awesome. More awesome when they contain The Flaming Lips.

Real friends are cool, internet friends are too! So friend me. I don't bite.

I also love crafty things, so my craft blog is over at craftymeiki It's mostly sewing, but I post pictures so it's marginally more interesting.

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